How WEA Train!


At Winning Edge Athletics we believe great players are not born they are made. They are created in the gym and on the practice field. Great players put in overtime in the off season, so they can enjoy victories during the season. We believe through our program that a raw athlete can become a finished product. By developing speed, power, agility, strength, and working on the fundamentals of your sport an athlete can take leaps and bounds in becoming a better player which will take the performance of a team to the next level. Reach for your dream and get the WINNING EDGE!!!

SPEED: Full, maximum, or optimal rate of motion

It is true what they say… SPEED KILLS! The fastest players in any sport play a factor in winning games. That is why at Winning Edge Athletics we TEACH our athletes how to be fast. Through form running, speed training, flexibility, and weight training speed can be drastically improved and developed.

POWER: Amount of energy force or momentumPOWER: Amount of energy force or momentum

Power is a lethal combination of muscle building strength training with speed sessions making the athlete more explosive. At Winning Edge Athletics our athletes specifically train fast twitch muscles through a combination of plyometrics, weight training, and speed workouts giving them the ability to be explosive when it is game time.

STRENGTH: Amount or ability to exert great bodily or muscular power.

Being strong is important to being a dominant player at any level. Strength will be addressed by Winning Edge Athletics through weight training sessions along with developing a plan that can be implemented outside of the gym.

AGILITY: The power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness

The ability to turn on a dime while leaving your opponents standing still is what makes the difference between a good and a great player. At Winning Edge Athletics our athletes work tirelessly on lateral movement, acceleration and deceleration, combine drills, and plyometrics so they can move their bodies where they want them to go even when fatigue sets in.

MIND: At Winning Edge Athletics we hope to make you a smarter and more focused player on and off the field. At WEA we believe the life lessons you gain through athletics and sports will take you to higher level in other areas of your life. The more the game “slows” down for you the more confident you will be and the more you will be able to use your athletic abilities to achieve your goals.

SPORTS SPECIFIC: The goal of Winning Edge Athletics is to refine each skill (speed, power, strength, and agility) while also improving the basic fundamentals of your individual game in hopes of optimizing your athletic performance. It is our hope that the time you put in your off season will pay dividends in season. Reach for your dreams and get the WINNING EDGE!!!

COMBINE TRAINING: At Winning Edge Athletics, we know how important the combine events are when it comes to evaluating talent. Whether it is NFL combine training, high school scouting, or team tryouts WEA will teach you the teachniques, fundamentals, and “tricks of the trade” so you can best show your skills.