The Winning Team

Brian Dzingai Brian-Cropped

Brian is a former Olympian and professional track and field athlete. He spent 9 years specializing in the 200m dash. As a two-time Olympian (2004 & 2008), he was consistently ranked in the top 20 for the 200m during the course of his career. Standing at only 5’ 6”, he placed 4th in the Beijing Olympic Final. That’s only three places behind the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, in a World Record Setting Race.

Brian is a graduate of Florida State University where he was coached by Ken Harnden, arguably the best sprint coach in the world and where a great portion of Brian’s speed coaching stems from. Brian also completed his Masters of Business Administration degree in 2007.

One thing is guaranteed – Brian knows speed! He trained and competed with the fastest men in the world. He understands speed, how to run fast and the mechanics behind it. Coupled with the right combination of conditioning, plyometrics, footwork and agility, Brian is confident that he can help you fulfill your goals!

Ron Potocnik

Ron is a believer and of the mentality that a trainer should lead by example. Ron has done exactly that.

In 2009, Ron set out to compete in the world of Masters Track and Field. In preparation for his season of championship competition Ron raced against collegiate athletes in track meets all over the Midwest. Here are some 2009 highlights:

World Outdoor Championships Lahti, Finland: Gold Medal in 4×400 (missed World Record by 3 seconds and American Record by 1.5 seconds and second fastest American time since 1983), Silver Medal in 4x100m, 5th in the world at 100m, 9th in the world at 400m (set PRS for both 100m and 400m). USA Outdoor Championships Oshkosh, WI: Bronze Medal in 400m, 4th in the country at 100m, 5th in 200m (set PRs for all three and was only one of two athletes to compete and qualify for finals in 100m, 200m and 400m).

In a race filled indoor and outdoor 2010 campaign Ron was again one of only two athletes to compete in the prelims and qualify for the finals in the 100m, 200m and 400m at the USATF Outdoor Championships in Sacramento, California. He also ran the lead off leg on the Southwest Sprinters 4x100m National Championship team.

In 2011, Ron was privileged to compete in Madison Square Garden in New York City. Ron’s 4x400m relay team won by a huge margin of 15 seconds and missed a MSG meet record by only two seconds. Ron said, “It was an unbelievable honor to compete in arguably to most historical and famous arena in the world”. Also in October of 2011 at Train With Ron Soldier Field Charity Hill Run, Ron ran a personal best of 67 hills in one hour.

In 2012 Ron crossed into yet another athletic arena, Power Golf’s Long Drive Championship. Being an avid golfer Ron entered his first competition at the Mesquite Launch in Mesquite, Nevada. At the Mesquite Launch, Ron posted a personal of 386 yards. In 2013, Ron earned a spot as a World Finalist in an extremely difficult field of 64 where he went up against current Hall of Famers and former Long Drive Champions. Ron is a true believer that his speed and power training at WEA helped him gain ball speed, strength and endurance for his long drives.